Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beloved Daddy :D

Daddy's birthday!^^
celebrated in the house...
not going to anywhere
this year same as last year,
celebrated with a cake and drinks!
At night, mumuy & Gorgor bought a small mini chocolate cake
yummy,all of us share little bit
then finished the whole cake...
I bought a key chian for daddy
i dint gv him during the celebration
i put on his table before i went to school the next day... :D
Lastly,Wish daddy happy birthday!

today is Ah long's bufday
5E class sang a bufday song for him =)
hope he will gt surprise...
After school, mummy belanja me and siblings
have Mc Donald
Mc Donald are having promotion!
tmr morning is last day
print out the voucher black n white oso can
mummy but 4 filet-o-fish so free8 set of big value...
After ate all this stuff, dinner? who cares
during 2:30pm
fiona's mummy come and fetch me,
we planed to go village mall for shopping :)
hmm, not really shopping
is to buy some drawing stuff and some refrence books
its more cheaper than buy from teacher
so we bought it that can save the 60sen
we "long gai",
fiona bought a pair of slipers
PINK! haha...nice
after that, we hanging arond all over the mall
around 4pm gorgor and his friend fetch us to my house
then mummy fetch fiona back to her house
thats all for 30-3-11

Tmr ply badmintion with waiyee at start plus
she has ald booked at 3pm-5pm
just 2 of us,actually wenn and fiona is invited
but they not free
so just two of us.... =)

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