Sunday, March 17, 2013


Omo!! 2013 already, time passed fast.
My sem2 college life finally end,hope can get a good result to continue my sem3
All coursemates friendly nice to knew them :)

I love to spend my holidays well compare doing ntg at home.
I jz went singk wif the family last few days
What a long time didnt spend my day like that
its enjoyable
college life its sucks!
You need to concentrate and take it serious, if not you may not be able to continue.

Long time didnt hangout with high school's bff :(
All timetable different so can't really meet up during study time.
I miss them
i miss the time i spend in high school
its fun and unforgetable.
If allow me to choose, i will choose high school life than college life
I didnt mean high school life more easy and enjoyable
it just the friends and ppl around are diff
High school friends more friendly and i love to hangout with them
Chitchat, Gossiping and etc.
Really hard to find those friends that treat me that good in collge life
My collegemantes don't have high school friends that gentleman
I love college friends too, but it just not that close.
Maybe all of us mature and hv our own BFF in high school.
thats why lack of a bit FAMILY feel :(
anyway hope that can continue my study in sem3 to BiLiBaLa agn wif college friends :)
wish me good luck! 
Good luck to all the friends or anyone of you who facing the same worry as me!

Dont knw when will post new post agn,
btw if my blog didnt delete i will still posting my post.
Thanks for visiting my blog! 
P/S: I think no one reading my blog since i didnt update for a long time btw thanks! :D

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