Monday, February 28, 2011

Money can distroy everything x(

Money really that important in our life ?
Now this old generation have no feelings, only money in their life!
Money will make you regret it for life!
Happened somethings about money today,
Earn money hard, waste money easily~
she don't know that their some students is poor or give their fees by themselves?!
did you think tat before
All of a sudden need us to give fees before wednesday~
If not dont let us exam for our SPM
someone thought she is RICH!
just that plenty of money we can pay
Futhermore, we did nothing last year!!!
you dint teach anything!
u told us that form4 no nid to involve this year
how about us? those already joined during form4 ?!
for study Nothing at all~
why we going to stay back for ?!
just sitting there and given our money~
We asking for study outside
you not allow,must study in the school
okays, FAIR! we study in the school
What we get in the class?
we just not going to the class for a day~
not for everday,dun use those atituide communicate with us
we discuss with u nicely,u scold us loudly without caring our feelings!
Really felt dissapointed and angry today...

Photobucket Teng ;(

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