Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday ;)

this morning had breakfast with grandma,grandpa and cousin brothers...
woke up at 8am++ ate until 11am++
went home after breakfast,no where to go
really felt tired so hv a nap for an hrs
then awake bcoz aunties come and pay a visited
after that back to my sweet dreams,
also just sleep for an hours then woke up saw susan is in the house
ply ipad,nds with her ;)
had FUN!
after that,watch GUESS GUESS GUESS
JJ is in the show....
sang Jay's song,its nice too! hehe~

then,practing Bukan Cinta Biasa
the lyrics is long and different
hard to memorise....i will try my best
just heard a song name
dance flow-迷人的危險
shared on FB already
free to have a look...
hehe! ><

tmr wanna stay back for PSV tutorial class
stay until 3pm
finally started the class
but must pay another RM100 for this year
OMG! i going to bankcrap

i had my 016 number already ;)
hope everyone recieved my message
017 still using oso...
i dint bought it...waiyee gave me as a gift
thanks alot!
i ask waiyee's sister help me repair my another phone
bcoz of the ribbon spoiled...
i need it for coming friday camp
repair for RM30...waiyee discounted for me RM70 to RM30
really thanks alot

Chin Hui (xd),she is joining the camp this coming friday
hope to see her in the camp
sure hv much more fun! ^^
i haven gt sleeping bag from grandpa yet...
today he forget to birng 4 me
mayb mum find 1day fetch me and take the sleeping bag along

im not going to involed kawad kaki this year,im serious...
im not free on wednesday n friday and the practice time that had set by WK r clashed with my tuition time..
no, is wenn,xian n my tuition time...just three of us r BUSY...
i hv tuition for Science on Wed at 2pm til 3:25pm n the time is 1:30 til 2pm
friday,i have 2 tuition class - Account n Add maths
4:30pm until 9pm
the practice time maybe after meeting or during the meeting
no one can give a comfirm time for me on friday
how i involed ?!
the theme,the formation ,the numbers of people,the numbers of orang istimewa
all set by WK
what job for xian as a comander ?!
she do Nothing!
So, the best choice is v r not going to involved this year...thats all!

having recycle project with kadet,scout,renjer and kelab pencipta alam =)
we going around to ask for newspapers or those rubbish that can recycle
spend half day in the activity
its meaning full,all of us work together to gt more recycle materials
more funny is we went to pasar pagi to ask for boxes from those fruits stores
3R , Reduce Recycle n Reuse
finished this activity at 12pm
hope to had this activity again...

thats all for this post... =]
p/s: finished watching Secret Garden!
Love the ending....Bravoo!

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