Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sat & Sun

i surpose to go for pandu meeting
but i dint...coz i gt SICK~
i started felt not feeling well after my tuiton on friday
i gt flu and fever
my fever over come soon
but my flu, its terrible...
non-stopping "hah chew-ing"
God bless me, i felt more better after having a sleep in the afternun... =)

At night,
My family and i had dinner at 明香
to celebrated grandpa's bufday
ermm, its should be belated celebration
thats the 1st time i wearing a pair of high heels in the restuarant...
its quiet good for me to practice how to wear it nicely ^^
its felt GREAT!
had dinner with all my beloved family members!
chit-chatting every movements
non-stopping going to wash room too :D
Have a wonderful night on saturday~

this morning woke up at 8am
started our journey to Nirvana@Semenyik
today went for praying, my lovely uncle steven...
The 1st time going to visited him this year oso the last time...
if want go for next time need to wait for next year
today had a chat with uncle
told him what we had happened during the half year
hop he'll be fine in the heaven...
I really MISS you MUCH! ><
flash back all the memories during me and you
having fun together,chatting together,shopping together
you are the one who understand me much than everyone
you are also the one who asked me study overseas...
others countries are better than here
i heard what u said, i wish to do that after my studies
fern dream of u yesterday after the dinner
she saw u want us had dinner together yesterday
WE know, u'll always be oursides
sharing happiness together...
at last, I LOVE YOU~
and i miss you alot alot! :'(
you will always in my heart!
See you next year~

* just this for 2day,
bye....continue with my add math h/w

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