Sunday, May 6, 2012

May :)

Finally come back to post somthings here.
April9,i had start my 1st day college life at Dasein academy of art.
b4 the day start ofcoz when for demo how to go there by train.
1st 3 days ofcoz its just orientation week.Now almost passed 3 weeks. Assignment is the 1st thing to make me busy everyday,miss out those shooping days with family and friends.
I knew many new friends there,the most important things to make new friends is,make yuorself to b more friendly :)
I love drawing but not portrait please :( my 1st sem need to attend drawing classes for just drawing portrait ><
Die larh,hard to cathch up with non-basic skill xD
anyway,1 sem pass soon. i will have my 1st sem break soon too :D
stay turn with my next post.


SerineTan said...

hey finally some one back to blog!:)
huh? why your 1st sem so short?!

⌒—T∈ng ★ said...

:) yeah! long time didn't post~
my 1st sem is just foundation.