Saturday, February 19, 2011

2 more days

Still have 2 more days to go...
exam until this coming tuesday ;(
monday exam add maths n SN
tuesday ekonomi~
it's really STRESS!
felt like rushing my time~
coming this wednesday i m going 4 teeth check up
booked at 4pm after tuition ;)
long time dint go 4 dentist already,
its good news or bad ?!

yesterday,went to school 4 a meeting about the camp orentasi tingkatan1
the 1st time our school organised
it quiet intresting ^^
me , jing ying, peixian n toby in 1 group
we must take care 8 of form1 gangs
the camp having on 4,5&6 march in the school
girls sleep in the library ; boys in dewan with air conditioner
Really looking forward to the coming of the day!

Introduce to you all to listen to a song

Vvip- Seungri(Bing Bang)
In this MV, Seungri act his group members accroding to their style =)
this MV mostly talk about ALICE IN THE WONDERLAND
its quiet nice and special~
have a look when you are free ;)

this is the symbol of Seungri,
the last post is the symbol of GD & TOP

i wanna have this!!! ><
Limited Edition headset~
have the symbol on it,its look cool....
anyone tell where can i buy it....

today mummy bought a new korean drama name
Secret Garden 秘密花园
i watched the 1st episode
只有一个字能形容 ---Rich !
家更美! >w<
After exam,start watching~

Ciao everyone
back to addmaths x(

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