Monday, February 21, 2011

Last Day ;)

Tomorrow is the last day of the exam ;)
Can rest after this exam...
today dicuss with fiona about the camp
acctually there are many things that we need to bring along to the camp
coz there too many of necessity~ ><

having ekonomi exam tmr...
hope wont get any wrong =)
2day after school hving meeting of slat
there many people but just some of them gt post

2day during the exam
im not in the mood
almost simply answer the remaining questions
i hand my nose-sensitive at the wrong timing...
before giong to the next question i sure "HAA CIU"
then start my question,i really felt sleepy
BUT cannot sleep,must done finished all the questions
finally i done but there are no time 4 me to hv a short nap
used finished a pack of tissue and not enough borrow from fiona...
after recess tough its recover but its not!
more worse >W<
after answering the science questions
FINALLY hv a nap for 2hrs ;D
back home,still sare the same
hope will recover soon...

just like that for this post~ Bye

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