Sunday, June 19, 2011

June's Celebration :)

Happy Mother's Day + My Birthday + Grandma & Mummy's Birthday +Happy Father's Day!
thats awesome celebration :D
This flowers i did it before mummy's birthday

11 June is my bithday!
Celebrate with my darling xian,sweet heart waiyee,beloved sista wenn =)
We decided to celebrated at 1u

we had breakfast here!

Breakfast stuff...
my tea,share with xian :D

Breakfast,OMG! the waffles its SUCKS! :(

Time to started EAT eat eat!

Around 1pm with sing k @ Neway
that's was FUN =)

Xian sent me this watch as present :] Thanks!

Waiyee sent me this as present :D
thank you =]

Wenn sent this present to me,
i can use this when Hari Sukan! ^^

Really have fun during my celebration,
sorry that late upload my post :D

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